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The purpose of this project is to develop a procedure that includes a program that can rapidly generate a camouflage pattern for a certain environment.

Cafés appear now, more than ever before, as central locations in everyday urban life. Additionally, with the increase in the number of telework and freelance workers, cafés have become hot spots for remote workers. Cafés are semi-public spaces, which offer a certain type of ‘home away from home’ work environment. Some people work at cafés with expectations of interacting with others, but some try to create their personal private space in the café, separating themselves from others. In order to help keep their privacy in a “semi-public” workplace, this project provides a possible solution to use a camouflage pattern to make their workplaces blend in with the cafe environment, making them harder to be seen. The procedure to generate the extraction of camouflage patterns is by investigating and analyzing the interior design of a café and using a program that utilizes color clustering and morphological processing method.

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